An American university in the heart of Rome
An American university in the heart of Rome
With the immergence of computers in the last 1/2 century, the age of the technology has exploded. Millions of workers are now employeed in the industry and many more jobs are projected to be created in the upcoming decades. With this many jobs being created, Computer Science is a high demand and well-paying major.
Computer Science embodies the realm of human-computer interaction. With a computer science degree, one can program apps, design games and websites, mine data, and build security interfaces. Although the field spans through many industries, those who want to become a Computer Scientist should be a passionate problem solver and be eager to find complex solutions in real-world scenarios.
A specific branch of Computer Science is Web Design which is a branch that John Cabot specilizes in. Web design haresses both the creative and technical side of a developer. With a booming digital economy, it is especially important that businesses develop an easy to navigate and attractive website. Web designers are responible for picking out the best colors, fonts, and display of content. A designer's job may progress into a developer, where they will be responsible for storing the data and programming the interactive elements of the website.
Upon completion of our curriculum, a student will gain:
   Experience building and designing an interactive business website
   Practical knowledge for using Office Applications
   Knowledge to implement a website with the best design practices
   Understanding of fundamental programming concepts and strategies used within the industry
   Ability to develop programs in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python coding languages
   Knowledge of the foundational principles of computing and its capabilites
John Cabot University is an American liberal arts university in Rome, Italy, JCU offers bachelor’s degrees and study abroad programs. Small classes, an international student body, and exceptional professors make John Cabot University a unique place to prepare for a global career or world-class graduate school.