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John Cabot University is an American liberal arts university in Rome, Italy, JCU offers bachelor’s degrees and study abroad programs. Small classes, an international student body, and exceptional professors make John Cabot University a unique place to prepare for a global career or world-class graduate school..

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CS 130

The premise of this course is that a web site differs from a traditional media publication because its contents can be updated at any moment, many possibilities exist for making it interactive, and reader attention span is short. The course provides students with technical knowledge and skills required to build a web site, while covering design, communication, and computer-human interaction issues. Topics include web history, HTML, style sheets, and effective information searching. As a final project, students create a web site on a liberal arts topic, which will be judged by the instructor and a reader specialized in the chosen topic.

CS 131 Web Design II (Prerequisite: CS 130)

The course provides students with the technical knowledge required to deal with the professional process of designing, developing, installing and maintaining a business web site.

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