Never Caught Sleepin

I've fallen deep into trying to understand social issues and how actions from past, present and future generations will and have perpetuated racial stereotypes.

We're known as part of the 'woke generation' because of the massive amount of information that we have access to due to technology. It lets you connect, explore, reach, and learn about so many parts of the world. But truth is, it's a lot to absorb and sometimes we slip and lose ourselves into trends that do more harm than good.

I've been working on an unpublished magazine called "Never Caught Sleepin." Where it's mission will be to see what's breaking the internet and to educate anyone who is interested in being more 'woke'. By getting one reader's attention and change of behaviour in the right direction, we won't be the woke generation but the woke nation.

Here are some of the articles I've created for Never Caught Sleepin. Guess you could call it a sneak peak into what will one day become a published and known magazine.