Portfolio Moellyn Ramos Yetsko

"Stop Putting Your Head Down In My House. You Know The Rule: It's All Love And Pride In This House."

The quote above is one of the lines from one of my favorite films, Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins. Jenkins reconstructs the Black male image and challenges societial norms while speaking on gender and sexuality through breathtaking cinematography. It's an art piece and it is the type of impacting films that I would liek to create as a filmmaker.

I've been into film since I was an early teen. My style has definitely changed over the years, and my focus now is on reconstructing the image of systematically marginalized groups. I want everyone to walk the streets feeling safe because no one should ever have to fear for their lives because they have been put into a box created by stereotypes that shape how the world looks at them. I can't stop the world from watching T.V., but I can bring some better films to screen.

With that said my video ideas and topics are very broad because I'm still learning new things and experimenting to figure out my specific style, but here are some of my creations.

Happily Alone

Happily alone is about a young girl who is constantly finding comfort is spending time with other and realizes that alone doesn't necessarily mean lonely.

Life Behind Bars

Here we are listening to a prisoner cope with his circumstances through a poetic piece he wrote. Despite, the very different physical spaces between us, there is a shared sentiment. This feeling of captivation is not only felt behind bars, but can reflect into anyones everyday life.

Pause. Play.

This film features Janane Saad, a student and professional dancer. I was trying to play with stop-motion. I did not completely succeed in the concept of stop motion because the camera was not 100% stable, but the idea and vibes are still presented throughout the video thanks to Janane's amazing moves.

Ms. Jackson - Outkast (Music Video)

Talking about good vibes, here's my music video to Ms. Jackson by Outkast filmed during the opening game of the soccer season starring John Cabot University (JCU) and the American University of Rome (AUR).


This was my attempt of creating a PSA about there not be any defining look to depression and encouraging those to reach out if they are showing signs.