Tarot Decks


introduction to tarots  

Tarot is a form of divination called cartomancy which allows the user to gain insight into the past, present, and future. Most modern tarot decks are modeled after the Waite Rider design, so they have variations of the classical tarot card portrayals. Tarot is greatly tied to astrology and numerology as each card of the deck is numbered and every number has a different impact on the meaning of the card.

Aces - beginning, opening, possibility
2 - balance, connection, duality
3 - groups, expansion, action
4 - security, organization, manifesting
5 - change, conflict, uncertainty
6 - cooperation, alignment, connection
7 - reflection, knowing, inquiry
8 - achievement, expertise, changes
9 - fulfillment, nearing completion, actualization
10 - completion, cycles ending, revival
Page/Seeker - youth, play, freshness
Knight/Conqueror - intense, erratic, action-oriented
Queen/Sovereign - embodiment of suit, nurturing, supportive
King/Ruler - leader, focused on external, mature 


Wands: fire, inspiration, creativity, excitement, passion, movement, action

Cups: water, emotional realm, intuition, relationships, healing, connection

Swords: air, mental realm, change, bravery, communication, power

Coins: earth, physical realm, career, money, stability, ego, nature, foundations