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The dachshund

also known as the “wiener dog,” or “sausage dog,” is a short-legged badger hunter from Germany. This lovable little dog comes in three sizes and three coat types, adding to their appeal. These dogs are alert and can be barky, charming people with their spunk. Though most dachshunds have long left their history as burrowing badger-hunters, they retain the low body and cleverness required of that work.
General Information

Dachshunds are divided into three sizes: standard, dwarf, and kaninchen. The size depends on the chest circumference measured at one year of age: below 30 cm is kaninchen, from 30 to 35 cm nano, over 35 cm is standard. The weight of the bassoon as an adult can vary from 3 kg of a kaninchen up to 9/10 kg for a standard and consequently the length of the dachshund changes a lot depending on the size. The puppy grows up to 9/10 months even if with the first menstrual cycle (x females) the growth stops or varies little (the cycle happens depending on the size of the dog at 6 - 8 or 12 months). No honest breeder can assure 100% that a puppy will be of kaninchen size at 2-3 months. if the puppy is born from a couple of kaninchen the chances that it remains in this size are very good