Emily Mariko

Emily Mariko, queen of clean counters and beautiful meals, is one of the most recent viral content creators on TikTok. Content creators like Mariko try their hardest to create engaging content on TikTok within its three-minute time restriction. Some TikToks emulate mini stand-up shows, dance performances or cinematic experiences, while another side of TikTok explores the entirely mundane. Unlike the creators who make exciting, fast-paced content, Mariko’s brand relies on the seemingly simple. Her first viral video documented nothing more than her making lunch. There was no audio, aside from the clanking of dishes or the microwave running — no voiceover, no instructions, no music.

Mariko is all about feeding your body whole foods that satisfy you and enjoying treats in moderation. In her videos, there's no calorie counting, no forbidden ingredients, or guilt-inducing rules governing what she decides to eat. There’s no cauliflower or low-fat swaps.