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Your Guide to a Perfect Holiday in Holland

Anything you ever wanted to know about Holland in one place. This is Holland.com! Whether you are coming to Holland for a city trip or a beach holiday - holland.com offers loads of information and inspiration, from the Rijksmuseum to the Anne Frank house, from Rembrandt to Van Gogh and from Amsterdam to Zandvoort. We also provide a lot of useful information and the opportunity to book your hotel or holiday cottage against very attractive rates. If you want to book tickets for an excursion, amusement park or museum, you can do that too. We make sure you get the most from your stay in Holland. We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to seeing you in Holland! Amsterdam offers hundreds of hotels that guarantee a great holiday in the city. You can find hotels in Amsterdam in the historic city centre, along the famous canals, near the station and you can even stay the night in a hotel near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Romantic boutique hotels in the Jordaan neighbourhood, majestic buildings overlooking Amsterdam’s historic squares, or modern design hotels near the main highways? Amsterdam has so many different hotels that it’s difficult to choose! There the flower enjoyed the climate and the soil, and the inhabitants immediately fell in love with the flower and soon designated it a national symbol. It all sounds like a fairy tale, but this is the true story of the tulip. Holland is known as the largest flower shop in the world, and for good reason. The Dutch take their flowers seriously, and not just the tulips. Flower markets are found in or around every large city in the country and tulips, of course, abound. The flower industry is the major industry of Holland, and although tulips are still the focus of most of the industry, the crocus, hyacinth, and other nice flowers extend the season from early spring throughout the summer. The first windmills were invented in antiquity, but it was the Dutch who really hit it off with this wooden giant. In a flat country, where the wind always blows, windmills sprouted from the ground like mushrooms. They were used to mill, saw, pump and press. The production of boards, paint, oil and paper, as well as bread and mustard – among other things – depended on windmills and wind. In addition, windmills were used to pump the water out of lakes and to keep reclaimed land dry.