did you say chibis?

Chibi world is a place where lovers of manga and anime can learn how to draw the cutest characters.

Chibis are a style of characters originated in Japan. The first Chibi was printed in October of 1982 in an anime magazine, capturing everyone's attention with its cuteness.

The word Chibi is Japanese slang for describing something short and small. The use of Chibis in animated shows is mostly seen when they express the true nature of a character within the show; personifying the emotions that the character may be feeling within but cannot express.

Although at times they are depicted as being curses as well, due to how effective they are in demonstrating emotions. They have big heads with distinct facial expressions and small bodies, which is perfect for when you want to create cute, unique drawings of people.

With the help of basic steps and some creativity, you can learn how to create your own Chibi World!

Check out the cuteness (I think I am going to die!!!)

Pink Chibi
Chibi with Bangs
Chibi Boy


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