Should You Get Curtain Bangs?

Not sure what makes curtain bangs different from regular bangs? Compared to the bangs you might've rocked in your third grade class photo in front of a laser background, curtain bangs are “longer and wider,” says Cotteblanche. They also look flattering in a variety of hair types. While regular bangs go straight across, curtain bangs are typically shorter in the center and longer on the sides, so you can wear them parted.

In fact, we like to think of curtain bangs like the cooler older cousin of regular bangs, mainly because of the effortless vibe one exudes when they're sporting the stylish fringe. “Curtain bangs are full with an arc shape but leave a wispy feeling,” says Cotteblanche. Traditionally, curtain bangs are worn with a middle part and are left to frame the face. Parting hair to the side “is a different look and approach to the haircut,” says Cotteblanche.

The beauty of curtain bangs is that they can work on anyone and everyone. “Almost any face shape can pull off curtain bangs,” says Cotteblanche, who says it's best to adapt the look to compliment your face shape and hair texture. Since there are so many different varieties of the style, it makes it so easy to customize. If you have curly hair and haven't rocked bangs before, it might be best to try out the trend during the colder months, when humidity isn't a major concern. “They would have to be heat styled every day,” says Cotteblanche. Whether you are rocking a lob or have long hair, curtain bangs also look good on a variety of hair lengths.

When it comes to styling, less is more to maintain the effortless look. “You can style curtain bangs natural with your hands,” says Cotteblanche. Depending on heat texture or the look you're going for, you might use the blow dryer and a round brush to polish off the look. Cotteblanche advises his clients not to overdo it. “You can use a brush but don't over curl them,” says Cotteblanche. When it comes to working your wispy bangs with the rest of your hair, the options are endless. You can opt for wavy hair, straight hair, or even an updo—anything goes. For a tousled, undone look, spray your hair with a little dry shampoo.