4 Best Lip Oils for the Perfect Hidrating Shine Every Time

Let's face it. Lip glosses can sometimes be sticky; lipsticks can can be too much of a statement for everyday wear; and lip balm lacks that special oomph you want from a lip color. Enter, the goldilocks of lip products: lip oil. The best lip oils are key to achieving that no-makeup makeup lip stain look we’re all after. The effortless stain look has cemented its place as a viral TikTok trend, so we're here to help make things easier by dropping the absolute best hydrating, non-sticky, and long-lasting lip oil recommendations. From drugstore lip oils to high-end lip oils, these best lip oils will help you say goodbye to chapped lips and hello to the softest, smoothest lips of your life.
    1. TPSY Lip Crush Lip Oil
One of the most versatile options on our list, this pink shade automatically adjusts to your lips' pH level, so you end up with a perfectly customized pout (without any flaking or stickiness) every time. Want all the moisturizing power of chapstick with the high shine of gloss? This baby's for you.
This gorgeously sheen lip oil from JELLY PONG PONG takes the cake in terms of nourishing seed oils. A truly therapeutic lip oil treatment, it's got skin-soothing safflower oil, moisturizing coconut oil, and dry lips-smoothing tomato seed oil. “I really love how moisturizing this gloss is. The subtle shade is nice, great chapstick replacement,” said one in their review. Do not be fooled by the bright red; this lightweight oil seamlessly soaks right into your lips to reveal just a subtle hint of color.
    3. STEVE LAURANT BEAUTY Lip Oil in Orchid
High shine gloss meets hydrating lip moisturizer in this crowd favorite from STEVE LAURANT. Product review: “this lip oil has become my favorite gloss! It's not sticky like most lip gloss and lasts a decent time for a lip gloss making your lips look luscious!” Cruelty-free and gluten-free, you can reapply the silky-smooth oil again and again throughout the day without any risk of flaking or drying out. Trust us on this—it feels and looks fancy, but it packs the punch of a heavy duty chapstick. “This lip oil smells and feels luxurious. It helped my lip heal from a terrible crack that wouldn't go away in a matter of days,” another member reviewed.” Your makeup bag doesn't know what it's missing.
    4. YANSA BEAUTY Super 8 Lip Oil
This nourishing blend is loaded with both antioxidants and superfoods, and it creates a moisturizing barrier against harsh elements that normally leave your lips feeling dry and chapped. Bonus: the sheer pink is the perfect glossy shade to take you from desk to drinks.