Alexander Salcedo

San Diego State University,
Business Info Systems Unergrad
Digital Media
Graphic Design
Photo & Video
Front-End Development
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About Alexander

From a young age, Alex was an enthusiastic creator attracted to anything that allowed him to be crafty and artistic. Coming from humble beginnings and recognizing the adversity he has overcome, Alex welcomes any opportunities that will allow him to continue to learn and grow as a creative individual. Being from a diverse urban neighborhood in Los Angeles, he was exposed to an overflowing melting pot of cultures, environments, and artistic influences. He channeled what he saw in the urban landscapes and settings around him into various personal artworks and projects, beginning as a hobby. As he grew older and was exposed to different mediums and tools that allowed him to create, he explored more into the world of digital media and development. Alex realized he could combine these new digital creative channels with the skills he learned from traditional art to incorporate them into a business setting he could soon capatalize on. As a student and colleague he prides himself on his versatility and adaptability when presented with any challenge or task.