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About our tiny homes

American Built:

All our materials for our tiny homes are prodcued in the United States by American companies. All our material is premium grade. When building a tiny home we are striving to contruct them to last 50 years. Our intent here at tiny timeshares to construct a tiny home that will go without flaw for the customer. The tinyhomes are contructed in North Carolina. With there facilities being able ot handle year round contruction and transport this allows for effiecnt contruction.

Customer in mind:

Our tinyhomes are rented out by customers. With that in mind, the more talored it is to their needs and wants. Then in turn the more likely they will be to come back. We ask for customer feeback on new designs. A new project we have poured a large amount of time into is a customer interface to where they can deisgn their dream tinyhome. Within this interface the customers have expressed the tiny probelems they encounter in tinyhomes that make a large inpact on there experience. With this information we directly attack these issues in our new builds, always trying to problem solve. In turn, making a better tiny home experince for the customer.

This is our not so tiny home

These tiny homes have an average of 900 sq ft of living space.


This is our standard sized tiny home

The average size for this tiny home is 750 sq ft of living space.


This is our TINY tiny home

Our average TINY tiny home has about 450-500 sq ft of living space


Since 2020

Tiny Timeshares was founded in 2020 by Spencer Coveney during his time abroad studying in Rome, Italy.

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