The Wonders In Guatemala


Guatemala is a country in Central America. It was conquered by the Spanish around 1524. In the year 1821 Guatemala gained its independence from the Spanish rule and it became the country that we have today. It’s capital is Guatemala City and the country as a whole has a population of 16.6 million, the most populated country in Central America. With an estimated area of 108,890 sq km. Furthermore, this beautiful country is the home of the quetzal, a beautiful bird really hard to find. An interesting fact is that the countries currency was named after this beautiful bird. Moreover, in Guatemala more than 20 different languages are spoken by the native people and in different regions, but spanish is still the language that predominates.
This country has so many beautiful places. If you are in search of an adventure you should definitely visit. In this website you will find the best places to go to depending on the adventure you are seeking. Here you can get an idea of the wonders this country has to offer.

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