I am so glad I chose to study abroad in Rome! My roommate and I were on the same flight here which was so nice. We had eight bags total which was way too many to drag on the cobblestone. Our apartment is in Trastevere which is a great location in Rome. The pictures above are my apartment building, me and my roommate after we landed in Rome, and a beautiful sunset I saw over the Tiber River! There are a lot of study abroad students living in Trastevere and most of my friends live near me. I've loved being in Trastevere. There are so many great food options and is super easy to walk to the major landmarks in Rome. I usually avoid taking taxis or public transportation because I enjoy walking around the city! Some of my favorite places in Rome are shown in the pictures below. I've loved going to Vatican city and seeing Saint Peter's Basilica. It is so beautiful inside and is one of my favorite things to see in Rome. I also love the Pantheon! My favorite gelato place is near the pantheon so I walk by it often! It is also so beautiful inside and I love walking past it every time I go to gelato. I also love the Trevi Fountain! It is also one of my favorite things to see in Rome. I love going either early in the morning or late at night so it is less crowded! Overall, Trastevere is a great place to be and definitely recommend this neighborhood to live in if you are studying abroad!