Un Cafè in a Roman Cafe


a guide to the best coffee in rome

Bar Farnese
Bar Farnese is right next to Campo di Fiori, and serves classic Italian coffee and cornetti. There are a few tables outside, but most people stand at the bar and chat with the owner, Angelo, who has been there since time immemorial. It only costs 2 euro for a chocoloate cornetto and a cafe macchiato, so this was my favorite spot to grab breakfast in the mornings. In the afternoon, the tables catch a bit of sun for an hour or two, making it a great place to grab an afternoon Spritz.

Via Dei Baullari, 20, 00186 Roma RM
Bar San Calisto
Bar San Calisto is located at the heart of Trastevere in Piazza San Calisto, right next to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. Bar San Calisto is a classic Italian coffee bar that serves coffee, cornetti, juices, beers, gelato, and of course, spritz! Tons of regulars come every day to read, play card games, or just sit and people watch for hours and hours. At night, the piazza is filled with people grabbing beers and spritzes to go, and on the weekends there is live music. San Calisto is open everyday!

Piazza di S. Calisto, 3, 00153 Roma RM