Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

There are over two dozen tourist destinations officially designated as sustainable. Colombia has 27 tourist destinations certified as sustainable by its Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism more than double the number from just a few years ago.

Theres also a growing collection of unique, eco-conscious accommodations

Sustainability also means preserving Colombias intangible musical heritage.

Sustainable tourism is about to be written into law

Colombia is helping global tourism bounce back after COVID-19.

There are over two dozen tourist destinations officially designated as sustainable.

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Sustainability Practices

As thought leaders continue to preach about sustainability being the future of travel, Colombia hasn't just been taking notes—its been writing the handbook. With the second-greatest biodiversity in the world and an incredibly diverse heritage that has influenced global culture, Colombians have a lot to be proud of—and a lot to protect.

1. Travel with the touristic operators that support the growth of rural communities

2. Respect local customs

3. Support the local economy

4. Reduce your environmental impact

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Lifetime Memories Await

While the landscape speaks to the country's natural wonders, each city and town tells a different story about the country's rich culture and history. It's a country full of good people, beautiful scenery, distinctive cities, and a special positive atmosphere.

Adventures of a Lifetime: These exceptional trips represent the essence of Adventure Colombia. Our passion is to explore the most remote areas of Colombia. Whether it’s a group departure on a fixed date or a private trip, you will undoubtedly have one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

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