What You'll Eat:

tiber cafe

Tiber Cafe:

Welcome to the Tiber Cafe, your home away from home! Here you will find great food prepared and served with care in a friendly atmosphere. Whether you're interacting with faculty or meeting other students, the sense of community at Tiber Cafe is an integral part of the JCU educational experience. Don’t forget to check the meal plan options.


Eating Out:

Roman cuisine is defined by a unique set of ingredients, techniques, and dishes that set it apart from the food of all other Italian cities. Generational trattorias serve a delicious (if predictable) litany of specialties such as cacio e pepe, carbonara, roasted lamb, and assorted offal. Their ranks are bolstered by a number of neo-trattorias that take a fresh approach to the classics — just one way young chefs are nudging tradition forward in the Italian capital. There are also plenty of international flavors offering a break from the pecorino Romano- and guanciale-laden Roman classics.


Food Markets:

Whether shopping for souvenirs, clothes, fresh food or just a spot of people-watching, the best markets in Rome are the best place to go. Visiting the food markets in Rome is one of the best way to get in touch with Roman customs and culture. Therefore, allow all your senses to come alive, with the culinary delights of Roman market life. Below is a comprehensive guide to Rome’s food markets, to get an authentic taste of Italy’s capital city. If you’re not a fan of markets, check our where you’ll go page to see the list of grocery stores that we set up!