How You’ll Get Around:


The tickets are available ONLY in the Tabacchi or Tabaccheria shops (those with a T) or at the metro stations. Each ticket has a cost of €1.50. You can also buy the tickets online through the app “TicketAppy” or “MyCicero”. Do not forget to validate your ticket as soon as you get in the bus!


Uber in Rome isn’t always an option. Therefore, we highly recommend that for requesting a Taxi, download the following apps “IT Taxi” and/or “Free Now Taxi.” We also recommend using IT Taxi to get to the airport. The destination if you decide to take the taxi from your arrival point must be Piazza Trilussa Trastevere). Also, make sure that the taxi says Roma Capitale and has the fares on the sides, those are the official ones.


Here is our list of important apps that will make your life so much easier when moving around Rome:

  • TicketAppy / MyCicero: Purchase tickets for the metro and buses
  • Probus: find the nearest bus stop and when the next bus is coming
  • Google/Apple Maps / Moovit: trace route on public transportation
  • IT Taxi / Free Now: request a taxi