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Ways to Make Money Fast?

Bells makes the world go around in Animal Crossing, and you may be looking for better ways to make money fast. The normal way is to catch and sell bugs and fish, as well as unwanted fossils and duplicate items. However, there are a few ways to makey money quicker and with less effort.

Stalk Market

Chances are, if you've played Animal Crossing before, hen you’ve probably participated in the stalk market before. But if you’re new, here’s a quick explanation. The stalk market is Animal Crossing’s version of the stock market. While it can make you big money fast, it isn’t without risk.
Purchase turnips from Daisy Mae every Sunday before 12 pm. Usually, if the price is below 100 bells per turnip, it’s a decent buy. After that, check at Nook’s Cranny and ask what the turnip price is for that day. The turnip price changes once a day at 12 pm, so try checking in both the morning and afternoon. It’s up to you to decide when to sell your turnips. HOWEVER, turnips are only good for the week, and can’t be put into inventory. If you keep turnips for longer than a week, they will rot and are worthless.

Now, there is one other way to participate in the stalk market, but it verges on what some may call “cheating”. Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows online play, you can go online and see if anyone has high turnip prices that day. Websites like Reddit and are great places to find people willing to open their island to strangers. However, people will normally ask for a fee in exchange, but it’s a small price in comparison to what you may earn. Even if they don’t request a fee, it’s nice to give them a large tip when going over.

Tarantula/Scorpion Island

Tarantulas and scorpions are one of the top bugs to sell, as they go for 8000 bells a piece. With the Mystery Island Tours, there is a small chance that you may land on an island that spawns either bug indefinitely. So, you can fill your inventory completely with the bugs and make near 300,000 bells in one go.
There is also a trick for players to make their own tarantula island as well. If you happen to land on Bamboo island, go around picking all the flowers on the island then dig them up. You then can replant the flowers on the beach safely. Make sure to dig up bamboo shoots as well. Then, cut down the palm trees on the beach and uproot the stumps. Also, make sure to dig up 2 mole crickets. After that, you can ignore them. Then, run around the island and beach rocks to scare off wharf roaches and tiger beetles. Eventually, tarantulas or scorpions will begin to spawn, and you can catch to your heart’s content.

Flick and C.J.

Two visitors come to your island sporadically, Flick and C.J. Whenever you catch a high-priced fish or bug, make sure to save them for when one of these two come to your island. Flick will buy all bugs for 1.5x the price at the normal store, and C.J. will buy fish for 1.5x their normal price. This is also why many players who make tarantula/scorpion island save their catches until Flick comes.

Non-Native Fruit

A way to make a little bit more pocket change, but not for large amounts of money. Non-native fruits sell for double your fruit price. Plant non-native fruits on your island and harvest them to make extra pocket change! Many islands have orchards for this reason as well.