Portrait 1: Alena

Alena Andreevna

I speak two foreign languages and would like to go back to the third language I started at school. Why? Simple! With language, you also grasp a new kind of thinking/world-understanding (for it is no coincidence that the legendary linguistic dilemma of "language-mind" is not a coincidence).

Portrait 2: Kristina

Kristina Alexandrovna

Knowing several foreign languages today is not only and not so much a question of outlook and erudition. Nowadays speaking several foreign languages means expanding the range of professional ambitions, removing the boundaries in doing business, the possibility to realize oneself at a qualitatively new level and achieve success!

German Sessions

Individual German Session

Apart from English we offer private tutoring sessions in German. It is scientifically proven that learning foreign languages accumulates all the centers of the brain! Languages are systematic and logical! Moreover, if you take a course on languages at the beginning of education, then by the beginning of your career this decision will be your strength and benefit. So, if you have always wanted to start learning the second language, we are sure that it is the high time for doing this! If you are looking for continuing education, we will start from the existing point and guide you through the learning path leading to the desired result.

Exam Preparation

German Exam

Like in English we offer a number of education pathes that are designed to prepare you for language exams of different levels. We specialize on both Russian and International exams. Our tutors has passed them so they are familiar with the structure from the first hands. This precious experience in combination with regular seminars from originators and exam preparation centres they go through, makes our tutors highly qualified and demanded specialists who can gurantee the results. We take pride in our students' results and can't wait to support each of you in their bravest goals!